Esveld Consulting Services, founded in 1991, is mainly dealing
with track related consulting and measuring equipment.
Daughter company MRT-Productions publishes the book
Modern Railway Track, written by Coenraad Esveld. A digital
version is available.

- Decision Support Systems
- Derailment investigations
- Life Cycle Cost
- Training and seminars
- High Speed Operation
- Heavy Haul and Heavy Axle Loads
- Vehicle - Track Interaction
- Track Dynamics
- Track Maintenance
- Development and Testing of Track Structures
- Track Measuring and Recording Systems
- Optimization techniques and applications

- Consulting Services
- Publishing of the book Modern Railway Track
- RAILPROF rail & weld geometry measurement
- Trolleys for measuring track geometry

For RAILPROF matters contact:
Tel: +31183564924

Esveld Consulting Services BV is partner of Railprof BV
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Call for Papers
International Congress on Transport Infrastructure and Systems (, Rome, April 10-12, 2017, organized by the Italian Association for Traffic and Transport Engineering AIIT.
Abstracts submission deadline: June 5, 2016
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